Sisal Balls


These durable sisal balls will become your cat’s favorite long-lasting toys.

  • Sisal rope
  • Rattle toys

Sisal Balls

Litterbox.com Sisal Balls are the fun, convenient 2-pack of toys your kitty household needs. Made of strong sisal fiber with audible pellets inside, these toys will be rolling around the house for years to come. Furthermore, these sisal balls work great for cats that enjoy an auditory component in their playtime and require durable sisal rope for their batting paws and ripping claws.

Sisal Balls Details


  • Sisal rope
  • Audible pellets

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  • Does this toy have catnip?

    No, this is not a catnip toy.
  • What is sisal?

    Sisal is a fiber made from the sisal plant. It is typically used for ropes, twine, and matting.