Silver Vine


Introduce your cat to silver vine—an even more potent alternative to catnip!

  • All-natural feline stimulant
  • Also works on cats that don’t react to catnip

Silver Vine

Litterbox.com Silver Vine contains several cat-attracting ingredients, as opposed to catnip’s one. We recommend trying silver vine with your cat, especially if he or she falls into the 30%-50% of felines that don’t react to catnip! As with catnip, silver vine can help relieve feline stress and anxiety—not to mention encourage the daily exercise that your cat needs. Sprinkle a little on his favorite toy and watch him go loony!

Silver Vine Details
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My pawpaw said I was chonky. Then he gave me some of this – twice as good as catnip, so twice as many zoomies! Now I’m a lean, mean, chonk-fighting machine.
- Milo 2.25.2019
1-oz resealable tin


  • Silver vine

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Ask a question.
  • What is silver vine?

    Silver vine is a species of kiwifruit that grows in the mountainous areas of Japan and China. In recent years, it has become a widely used alternative to catnip as a powerful cat stimulant.
  • What is the difference between catnip and silver vine?

    Catnip contains one attractant ingredient, nepetalactone. Silver vine also contains the ingredients nepetalactol and actinidine, which are typically more potent than nepetalactone and more likely to elicit a response in your cat. Both catnip and silver vine are safe for cats, although they should not be ingested in large quantities.