Sisal Mice


Litterbox.com Sisal Mice toys bear feathers and rattle for your cat’s delight.

  • Sisal and feather
  • 2-pack

Sisal Mice

Litterbox.com Sisal Mice both rattle and feature voluminous feather tails that will drive your cat nuts. The durable sisal bodies can withstand even the greatest torture from your claw-wielding felines. Cats enjoy toys with an auditory component, as well as toys that hold us well against tooth and nail. Together, these mice toys will keep your cat busy for a long while.

Sisal Mice Details
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These mice flaunt their feather tails like it’s nobody’s business. Well, I made it my business – I took my rage out on those tails and their rattling bodies, but the darn things survived.
- Eva 8.13.2019


  • Sisal rope
  • Non-woven fabric
  • Feather
  • Audible pellets
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  • Does this toy have catnip?

    No, this is not a catnip toy.
  • What is sisal?

    Sisal is a fiber made from the sisal plant. It is typically used for ropes, twine, and matting.