Sisal Feather Toy


This rolling, rattling sisal feather toy will amuse your cat to no end.

  • Sisal rope and feathers
  • Rattle toy

Sisal Feather Toy

Litterbox.com Sisal Feather toy offers an outlet for every kind of cat: those that love to lick feathers, those that prefer noisy toys (this one rattles!), and those that require durable sisal rope for their batting paws and ripping claws. Cats enjoy toys with an auditory component, as well as toys with feathers. All told, this sisal toy will keep your cat busy for a long time!

Sisal Feather Toy Details
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I love this toy, even though it seems to taunt me as it rolls away rattling and flailing its feathers. Eventually I catch it and make out with the feathers.
- Eddie 3.2.2019


  • Sisal rope
  • Feather
  • Audible pellets
Ask a question.
  • Does this toy have catnip?

    No, this is not a catnip toy.
  • What is sisal?

    Sisal is a fiber made from the sisal plant. It is typically used for ropes, twine, and matting.