Cork Bee


This adorable bee toy will take the sting out of your kitty’s boredom.

  • Plush cat toy
  • Polyester and hemp rope

Cork Bee Cork Bee features a unique cork appearance (does not contain real cork). The bee’s smiling face is made of polyester, while the wings, antennae, and legs are made of hemp rope. The fun pattern on the polyester body completes this bee’s ensemble! Cats enjoy plush toys much the same way children do—as security objects that they can cling to, beat up as necessary, or both! Now you can provide your cat the security toy he is looking for.

Cork Bee Details


  • Polyester
  • Hemp rope

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  •  Does this toy have catnip?

    No, this is not a catnip toy.

  • Is this toy machine washable?

    We do not recommend washing this toy in the machine. Instead, spot clean with a damp washcloth as needed.