Krinkle Banana


This krinkly toy will—you guessed it—drive your cat bananas!

  • Plush toy
  • Interior krinkle paper

Krinkle Banana

Litterbox.com Krinkle Banana is the happy plush fruit missing from your cat’s toy box. This fuzzy, half-peeled banana toy features interior krinkle paper that will entice your cat into biting, batting, rubbing, and snuggling. Cats enjoy plush toys much the same way children do—as security objects that they can cling to, beat up as necessary, or both! Now you can provide your cat the security toy he is looking for.

Krinkle Banana Details
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I don’t know what this banana has to be so gleeful about. I am constantly trying to silence it with my fangs and claws, and still it keeps smiling at me.
- Ollie 6.2.2019


  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Interior krinkle paper

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  • Does this toy have catnip?

    No, this is not a catnip toy.
  • Is this toy machine washable?

    We do not recommend washing this toy in the machine. Instead, spot clean with a damp washcloth as needed.