Our Story

The destination for cat parents

We love all pets—four legs or fewer, furry or hairless, and everything in between. But let's be real: Cats are underrepresented in the world of pet brands. We felt obligated to launch a destination specifically for cat parents, with products that are thoughtfully designed and carefully curated to best meet your feline's needs.

Whether you consider yourself a cat parent or a cat owner (but really—who “owns” whom?), Litterbox.com is the destination to reliably shop for everything your cat household requires.

Designed and Curated For Pet Parents, By Pet Parents

Each product on Litterbox.com is designed and manufactured to the high standards of ourselves and our cats! We've personally tested every Litterbox.com item with our own pets, because, like you, we need to be able to trust the products our furry family members use.

We design the best mix of cat toys, catnip, bedding, cleaners, furniture, and more across the globe. We are thoughtful in every step of the process, from the recycled packaging to the enduring design. We don't bury our ingredients or hide the reviews. And our pets weigh in on the decision-making process: Through serious trial-and-error testing, whereby Kitty decides if this hemp mouse is suitably entertaining, or that cat sac is thoroughly cozy, we only offer products with a stamp of approval from real cats and loving pet parents.

Farm to Feline

We wanted to know where our products come from, so we went right to the source. In the case of our all-natural clumping litter, that source is Wyoming, the geographic center of the world's only supply of high-quality sodium bentonite clay. And for our organic catnip, we partnered with a farm in Washington state with more than 20 years of experience growing and harvesting the plants that drive our cats wild.

We hold our partners to the same standards as we hold ourselves. Our farm-to-feline approach ensures that both our process and products are fully transparent. We take the thinking out of shopping for your cat: You'll find ingredients that you can read and understand listed on the packaging, as well as on Litterbox.com. All cats deserve the best—we wouldn't offer it if we didn't use it ourselves.

Created for our own pets, perfect for yours

We're a fur-covered collection of cat moms, cat dads, crazy cat ladies, closeted feline fans, and even some dog people; the list goes on—and we're also proven experts in the pet care industry.

Litterbox.com was born out of a highly successful, 22-year-old pet company, Whisker. Our team of 300+ animal lovers is dedicated to the continued development and design of the highest-quality pet products. We are here to support you, fellow pet parents—and if your cat destroys their sisal toy, don't just call us… Send photos, too!