Memory Foam Bed

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The Litterbox.com Memory Foam Bed provides a supportive snoozing spot for your cat.

  • Removable waterproof exterior
  • Grey-beige or denim-light grey
  • No returns or refunds

Memory Foam Bed

The Litterbox.com Memory Foam Bed is the spacious and supportive cat bed you’ve been looking for. Memory foam helps relieve pressure and provide comfort for better sleep as our pets age. This bed measures 26'' x 19'' x 6'', allowing for ample space for your kitty to sleep and stretch out. With its removable waterproof exterior, you can keep this durable bed clean with ease. The Litterbox.com Memory Foam Bed is available in two-toned designs, including grey-beige and denim-light grey. Note: No returns or refunds.

Memory Foam Bed Details
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It’s true what they say: Getting old stinks. But then my humans gave me this soft, squishy bed. I haven’t slept like this since I was a kitten! 10/10.
- Oscar 8.14.2020
26'' x 19'' x 6''


  • Memory foam
  • PP filling fiber
  • Polyester oxford
  • PVC coating

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  • What are the cleaning instructions?

    Store the memory foam bed in a dry, indoor environment. Use Litter-Robot Cleaner Spray or Wipes or another pet-safe cleaner to remove mild stains and odors. We do not recommend putting this bed in the washing machine so as to preserve the waterproof coating. If hand-washing is required, separate the fabric from the foam inserts. Gently brush away loose dirt. Soak in a solution of 1 part mild detergent and 5 parts lukewarm water. (Do not use harsh chemicals.) Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry completely before adding the foam inserts. Do not dry clean the fabric.
  • What is your return policy on this product?

    All sales are final on the memory foam bed. There are no returns or refunds on this product.
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