Waste Drawer Liners (50)


Empty the waste drawer easily with our waste drawer liners, custom-fit for the Litter-Robot.

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Waste Drawer Liners (50)

Our waste drawer liners reduce plastic waste and fit perfectly in the waste drawer of any Litter-Robot model. These waste bags include 9 to 11 gallons of usable capacity. They’re easy to install: Simply roll and tuck the edges of the liner into the flexible waste drawer tabs for a secure fit.

The waste drawer liners measure 23.5" x 29" and hold 9-11 gallons of usable capacity.

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  • How do you install the Litter-Robot waste drawer liner?

    It’s easy! Open a new waste drawer liner and roll down the edges about four times. Start at the back of the waste drawer and push the rolled edge of the bag into each of the four tabs, keeping the bag taut as you work forward. Make sure the bag is taut across the back and sides, then pull the slack forward toward the carbon filter. Tip: Make sure the bag does not come up past the top of the sides of the waste drawer. You want to make sure the bag sits below the edges, so it cannot be seen by the Drawer Full Indicator lenses and potentially report a false flashing blue Drawer Full Indicator light on the control panel.
  • How often do I need to replace the Litter-Robot waste drawer liner?

    Whenever you need to empty the waste drawer. That'll depend on the number and size of your cats. For two average-sized cats, twice per week is typical. For a single cat, once per week should be fine.
  • Do the liners work with any Litter-Robot model?

    Yes! The liners fit perfectly in the waste drawer of any Litter-Robot 2 or Litter-Robot 3 (with or without Connect).