Litter Scoop + Holder

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Litterbox.com Litter Scoop + Holder makes scooping the litter box an easier chore.

  • Aluminum alloy scoop
  • Stainless steel holder

Litter Scoop + Holder

Litterbox.com Litter Scoop + Holder is the durable cleaning utensil you’ve been looking for. The powder-coated aluminum alloy shovel scoops up clumps and waste while scraping away those tough spots in the litter box with ease. The 1mm-thick stainless steel wall-mounted hook holds the scoop in place when you’re done. Both items are rust-resistant and don’t absorb stains and odors, so they’re easy to clean.

Litter Scoop + Holder Details


  • Powder-coated aluminum alloy
  • 304 stainless steel (1mm thick)

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  • How do I clean the Litterbox.com Litter Scoop + Holder?

    Use your favorite cleaner or water and soap. The hardy materials ensure you should be able to take care of any build-up or residue in one wash only.
  • How often should I scoop my cat’s litter?

    It is best to scoop the litter box daily for your cat’s kidney and urinary health. In fact, veterinarians recommend that you have “n+1” traditional litter boxes per cat. If you have 1 cat, you need n+1 litter boxes (in other words, 2). If you have 3 cats, you need 3+1 litter boxes (a total of 4). Why? It’s because cats are territorial and often will use one specific litter box.