Litter Mat

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Litterbox.com Litter Mat catches litter tracked from your cat’s paws.

  • Litter-catching mesh material
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • No returns or refunds

Litter Mat

Litterbox.com Litter Mat can be placed in front of your litter box. The mesh material catches litter granules that are inevitably tracked from your cat’s paws. This litter mat is lightweight yet durable, and soft on your cat’s paws. It is also anti-slip and easy to clean—just shake it off and vacuum! The mat is water-resistant and can be rinsed as needed. Choose from multiple colors. Note: No returns or refunds.

Litter Mat Details
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Unlike my slovenly brother, I’m meticulous about cleaning my paws after I use the litter box. Since my dad got this litter mat, I barely have to groom – it all comes off on the mat.
- Bella 6.24.2019
24’’ x 36’’


  • Environmentally-friendly PVC (mesh)

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  • How do I clean the litter mat?

    First, eliminate the litter granules caught in the mesh by shaking the litter mat outside or over a trash bag. Then vacuum the litter mat. If further cleaning is needed, you can rinse the litter mat in cold water.

  • What is your return policy on this product?

    All sales are final on the litter mat. There are no returns or refunds on this product.