Catnip: Fine Ground


A pure, organic catnip product for cat parents who prefer no stems.

  • Organic catnip blend
  • Works great for refillable toys

Catnip: Fine Ground

Litterbox.com Catnip Fine Ground includes a mixture of fine-ground leaves and flowers, for cats (and cat parents) that prefer stemless or stalkless catnip. This catnip format works well for refillable catnip toys, including Litterbox.com toys such as the suite of refillable catnip fish, refillable catnip ladybug, and refillable catnip duck. The mixture may also include tiny catnip seeds (heat sterilized).

Catnip: Fine Ground Details
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I had lost all interest in my once-favorite mouse – until I caught my humom filling it with this stuff. Suddenly, we were pals (and nemeses) again!
- Max 7.3.2019
1-oz resealable tin


  • Organic catnip blend (fine ground)

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Ask a question.
  • What is catnip? Is it safe?

    Catnip is a variety of the Mint family that contains nepetalactone, an ingredient that acts as a stimulant on felines. It can also help relieve stress and anxiety in cats. Catnip is safe, although it may cause an upset stomach if ingested in large quantities. Typically your cat will know when to say when.
  • Why doesn’t my cat react to catnip?

    Most people don’t realize that 30%-50% of cats lack the gene that makes them react to catnip. If your cat does possess the gene, it will only come to fruition between 3-6 months of age; a kitten any younger will show no signs, one way or the other. If your adult cat does not react to catnip, he or she may enjoy silver vine or valerian roots instead.