Cat Cube


Litterbox.com Cat Cube is the versatile cat bed missing from your household.

  • 2-way convertible bed
  • Cushion included

Cat Cube

Your kitty can use Litterbox.com Cat Cube as an enclosed cat house, with one large circular “door” and one small circular “window” to survey from—soft cushion included. Or, press the top of the cube inward to create a comfy flattened cat bed! This little home within a home is perfect for the cat that needs some privacy in a studio or small apartment.

Cat Cube Details
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Sometimes I need to get away from the little humans. So when my dad gave me this soft house, I could’ve kissed him. At the first sign of a temper tantrum, I happily retreat.
- Sophie 4.28.2019
This bed measures approximately 13.8” x 13.8” x 13.8”.


  • Polyester fiber
  • Non-slip plastic bottom

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  • What are the dimensions of this bed?

    This bed measures approximately 13.8” x 13.8” x 13.8”.
  • Is this bed machine washable?

    We do not recommend washing this bed in the machine. Instead, spot clean with Litterbox.com Stain + Odor Spray or Wipes, Litterbox.com Fabric Refresh, or your favorite gentle cleaner.