Breakaway Cat Collar

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The adjustable breakaway Cat Collar is the darling yet practical accessory your cat needs.

  • Hemp & polyester velvet
  • Breakaway safety collar
  • Small or large sizes available
  • Choose from teal, tan, or black
Breakaway Cat Collar

The only fashion accessory your cat will tolerate? The Cat Collar! This adjustable collar is crafted with hemp webbing, polyester velvet, and natural rubber. The breakaway buckle is made with your cat’s safety in mind: A breakaway collar is ideal for cats that go outside, as you can attach ID tags without worry that your cat will get caught on something. Choose from small (6.5''-9.6') or large (7.6''-11.6'') sizes as well as teal, tan, or black colors.

Breakaway Cat Collar Details
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At first I couldn’t believe the humans wanted me to wear this collar. Then I caught sight of myself in the mirror and realized it would be a crime against fashion to take it off.
- Luna 4.1.2021
Small collar: 6.5''-9.6'' (16.5-24.5 cm). Large collar: 7.6''-11.6'' (19.5-29.5 cm).


  • Hemp webbing (99% hemp, 1% cotton)
  • Polyester velvet
  • Natural rubber
  • Breakaway buckle (Polyoxymethylene)

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Ask a question.
  • What are breakaway collars? Why should cats wear them?

    Breakaway collars feature a breakaway safety buckle that unsnap or unclip when pulled with force. If your cat’s collar is snagged on something that entangles them, your cat will not choke or have a neck injury because the collar will automatically break away from the neck.
  • What are the measurements of the collars? Which size collar should I choose?

    Both collars are adjustable. The small Cat Collar measures 6.5''-9.6'' (16.5-24.5 cm) and is ideal for kittens and small cats. The large Cat Collar measures 7.6''-11.6'' (19.5-29.5 cm) and is ideal for average-sized and larger cats.
  • Is this cat collar machine washable?

    We do not recommend washing this cat collar in the machine. Instead, spot clean with Stain + Odor Spray or Wipes or your favorite gentle cleaner.